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How to Install games in your samsung u700

found this site in
for those people whos having trouble on this kinda stuff.

It wont be short, but i try to cover up everything

U600/700 phones CAN play all games, but in order to do this, you have to follow these steps. Im not exactly sure this will work on u600 phones, i have a u700 and it worked for me. u600 owners can follow this guide as well, even if it wont work, you still tried and there is no risk or whatsoever

what you will need:

- u600/700 (some say this even work with Z720)

- USB Cable (the one which was given with your phone)

- Qualcomm USB Driver

- BitPim (for managing files in your phone)

- JAD maker (for making .jad files for games that dont have)

- mpowerplayer for trying out games before you install them (optional, but i recommend)

Step 1:

- Activating the Qualcomm USB

Write the following into your phone: *#0523#

A window will pop up. Next, push the [#] key FOUR (4) times. You will see a menu, containing 9 submenus. You need the last one: [9] Common. Push the [9] key then the [6] USB Configuration, then [2] Qualcomm USB[*] If everything is allrigt, then you will see the following msg: "--> Qualcomm USB Configured. Plz Reconnect the Cable.0"

Step 2:

- Installing in Windows

Using the USB Cable, connect your handset with your PC. Windows will recognize it and will give a "new hardware" msg. You have to manualy give the path to the qualcomm driver which you just downloaded. Next windows will recognize another hardware, use the same path like you did before and install it.

Step 3:

- Transfering java files on to your phone

Install and start BitPim on your PC.

3.1. On top at the menus go to: Edit > Settings. Then: Phone Type: Other CMDA Phone. At the Com Port there is a button called Browse... Here you will choose the Qualcomm Diagnostics Interface 3197 device, it should be in the list of available ports.

3.2. Then go to View > View Filesystem. In the left side the tree will pop up and you will see a thing called "Filesystem". Click it, and next to it, another tree will be there with a / sign. Click the "/" and open it. After a few seconds you will see your phones full memory.

3.3. Go to Media > Games folder. You have to copy here your Java stuffs. I highly recommend that put each program in a separate folder (making new folders: right click on the Games folder in the tree view and "Make subdirectory...". Copying files: right click on the empty space in the right side and "New file..."). You can only copy 1 file at the same time! You will need both .jar and .jad files in order to make it work (if you have .jar only then use JADMaker to create the .jad file).

3.4. If you finished with all the transfers, close BitPim and pull of you phone from the cable.

4. Updating your phones file database

We switch back to the phone again and write inside the following code: *#6984125*#

With this, you can acces the "Admin settings" menu. Choose the last sub-menu, the "Internals" (4). The Master key is: *#9072641*#

Then choose Storage Settings (7). Inside this menu you will encounter with 3 options. Use each of them, one after the other: Update media database (1), Update java DB (2), Create Ax DAT file (8).

5. Finishing Steps and some reminder

Exit from the admin menu, and go to My files > Games and others (or whatever is the menu's name, i never had an english handset ), here you will see your newly added game(s) and/or applet(s).

If you wanna add some other stuffs later then you can jump to the 3.3 stepp and continue from there.

ATTENTION, ATTENTION PLEASE! If you want to delete some files later then ONLY do it with BitPim and refresh the database after that (4th step).


One last (and important) thing: in the service menu, in the admin settings and inside BitPim do your things with extreme caution! You can brick your phone easily if you do something wrong! I wont take any responsability if you do so! But if you followed carefuly this guide and checked every things twice then there wont be no problems at all!

You can try out your downloaded games with mpowerplay so you can be sure wheater you want to play that game or not. It needs Java Runtime Enviroment (wow ). Its a bit buggy at sometimes and there are some other tools out there but i didnt had any problems with it. This whole try out thing isnt important, just an option anyway

I hope this one will help and solve this very irritating problem

(if you dont understand something or it doesnt work for you: i dont care)

The SOURCE which i used for this guide (i translated it)

Bellow the files that you will need. Best regards and good luck,




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